Love Your Body
Love Your Life

A sensory-based movement practice that leads to health, wellness and fitness.

Nia draws from disciplines of the martial arts, dance arts and healing arts.

Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music in more than 45 countries.

    Upcoming teacher training in London

    White Belt Intensive, 5 to 11 July 2015

    Learning to teach Nia, first and foremost, is a journey of self-discovery learning about your body's way and how to move and live making choices to feel good and look good. Nia education embraces the idea of life-long learning - the same Nia principles and techniques that you learn to teach Nia classes, will guide you to create a life of meaning and purpose living into your potential as a human being.

    White Belt training promotional film from Michal McEwen on Vimeo.

    Go to nianow.com to register and to find out more about this training.

    Super Training and Masterclasses with Debie Rosas in London!

    With Debie Rosas, Co-Creator of Nia

    Co-creator of the Nia technique Debbie Rosas will be delivering 2 trainings open to EVERYBODY. Nia teachers and students are welcome. Read more about the trainings/masterclasses, and how you can register ...

    Strike Dance Rise!

    With Evi Patsia, Nia Black Belt Teacher and Dorit Noble, Nia Black Belt and Teacher Trainer

    On the Valentine's Day, a wonderful group of London Nia teachers and students united in alliance with OneBillionRising.org to create a dancing revolution in an effort to realize our collective strength and solidarity across borders to end violence against women and girls.

    Nia London raised £100 which will go to Rape Crisis UK.
    Watch the video ....

    Nia: A Stress-Relieving Workout that Isn't Meditation - SHAPE Magazine, May 2012

    By Jessica Smith

    While following a regular exercise program is a great way to relieve stress, some workouts can actually cause a stress response in your body. Some research has linked exercise (endurance workouts in particular) with increased production of stress hormones and inflammation in the body.

    We're not suggesting you skip your workout—just make sure it's balanced and responsive to your body's needs. For example, if you find yourself under a lot of stress, you may want to restore your energy level with a flowing, gentle sweat session instead of that killer spin class. And while meditation is a proven stress reducer, it isn't for everyone (and who really has the time or patience for it?). If you prefer to stay in motion, we recommend trying any or all of these relaxing (but dynamic) mind/body workouts: Read full article ....

    Nia in the Press! Wellness Times - Top 3 Dance Fitness Trends

    Wellness Times

    "As dance-fusion routines are sweeping the nation, fitness creators want to take the work out of workout. Zumba focuses on fun; Nia on joy; and the Bar Method (the most discipline-heavy of these three popular trends) on the delights of achieving a long, lean, sculpted body." Read the full article.

    The Inspiring Women Summit 2012

    On Tuesday, April 10th, from 12:00-12:30 PM PST, Debbie Rosas will be a speaker for The Inspiring Women Summit 2012, a free, virtual event you can be a part of from the comfort of your living room.

    This amazing, online gathering runs from April 9-15th and features 30 of the world’s most inspiring, transformational women leaders—including Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, Lynne Twist, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Gabrielle Bernstein. The remarkable women presenting at the Summit have helped thousands of women around the world awaken to their most authentic, powerful, feminine selves—so they can begin leading the way, in partnership with men, to a sustainable, healthy, just and prosperous world for all.

    Debbie Rosas is presenting Awakening the New Feminine Spirit as "A Woman's Journey–An Incredible Body of Work," which represents the culmination of her life experiences, professional work, personal practice and commitment to the evolution of the feminine spirit of all women.
    Register now!

    Balance Magazine: Let's Dance

    With Sarah Proctor, White Belt teacher.

    "Imagine a form of exercise which can move you to euphoria, serenity, empowerment, grace, sensuality, joy, playfulness - more often than not, all of the above, within the space of a one hour class! An exercise which you longed for and counted the days between classes... which transformed your body without you even noticing the 'burn'... one which gives you that youthful 'joie de vivre'. Nia is all of this and more." Sarah Proctor, Nia Teacher  Full Article...

    Dance to Good Health - Nia featured in Sunday Times, 31 July 2011

    'When the manager of my gym cornered me after Pilates and said I might like Nia because I love yoga and dance, I wasn't sure what to expect ... within minutes of starting a class, I was excited. Here was a cardio workout, fusing dance with martial arts and yoga, that got the body strutting, sweating, and stretching. Hours later, a welcome calmness set over me. And it lasted.' by Lorna V Read more...

    Find your rhythm

    "I danced for a solid hour and at the end of the class, drenched in sweat, realised I'd done a total body workout without even noticing". Psychologies magazine, October 2010